Saturday, November 13, 2010

Search Engine Optimization – A powerful tool usually unexplored !!!

Think of a person looking for a good pair of shoes who searches for the term, ‘best shoe brand’ in a search engine like Google, yahoo or msn in the process and the search result page is flooded with the web pages relating to a particular brand. Isn’t the person likely to opt for shoes of that brand rather than that of competitors?
 It’s not just about sales but  a  brand, product, service or business being visible in the search engine results also enhances its brand image and increases awareness .

But, How can a marketer or an advertiser to achieve top position in search engine results when there might be millions of similar web pages online? The key lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO involves the different techniques used to index a website or web pages high in search results when terms related to any brand, products, service or business are searched on search engines.

 Being one of the most inexpensive and affordable means of internet marketing, SEO can do wonders for any business. Studies reveal that a customer is 10 times more likely to purchase products and services after finding a website through a Search Engine rather than any other form of traditional advertising. Top search engine rankings can increase the web traffic up to 900% which could increase sales by 80%.

Speaking technically, SEO would involve on page and off page optimization techniques. On page optimization involves appropriate use of keyword in the code and using a SEO friendly content. Off page optimization would include link building, link exchanges and online directory submissions. Though SEO is a very inexpensive process, it is highly specialized one. Sadly, SEO is not being paid much attention in India despite its enormous potential as a marketing tool. We could probably see many businesses utilizing SEO in a few years but as of now this powerful tool remains usually unexplored!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why Online Media is important in today’s World ?

Talk about communication, and lo & behold various picks pop up! But when it comes to promote your brand, scenario takes up a different roll. A serious decision follows, as it’s the matter of your brand promotion, wherein your investment, your earnings are laced with.

Today the hype is Online and Digital Communication! In this era of “No time for others”, online communication is a gateway to the world, where your brand can grasp the attention of millions. Imagine, your brand rolling into the eyeballs of audiences, which traditional advertising limits to, as they fall short to surmount the geographical margins. Moreover, when its cost lies far below the margin of traditional media, then why to burn your pockets by investing on the age olds trends! 

Competition is getting tougher. Every company is grabbing each single possibility to bring their brands upfront. Being online on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut has become an integral part of the lifestyle of millions. Internet is today more of a necessity than a luxury and unknowingly it has become a vital part of our daily lives. A day without internet seems being aloof from the world outside and outdated. 

In gist, when all are going online, then which media would give your brand more visibility? The more your brands get exposure to larger audiences, the more impact it builds on consumers mind resulting in more earnings to you! 

No Geographical limits, More Visibility, Largest Viewership numbers, Effectual … all these at less cost in just a click away. This is all what Online Media is and why it so important for your Brand! Rest is your decision, whether you want to give your brand an edge over competitors through the new generation media or get yourself trapped in the conventional trends.

Why Social Media is important in today’s corporate World?

 In today’s world there will be only a few people who would not have heard of “Twitter “or “Facebook”. We are engaged in these two sites whether on our computers or mobile handsets, but do we know why these sites are so important? Is it just to connect to our friends?? 

Previously we were just aware of orkut which was really a lovable site for all the youngsters to find them more friends and contacts, if the person was in country or abroad.

Following the same wave of communication Facebook and Twitter were launched as a new weapon of media. We soon learnt that it was not just our friends uploading their pictures and updates on Facebook but celebrities also started communicating through these sites. And it’s not just celebrities; but the corporate biggies did not stay behind promoting their products and services on Facebook. Let’s take it for Ambani Brothers fighting on oil rights or Amitabh Bachchan tweeting on the reviews of Raavan for his son. And this way the social media is slowly stepping into our lives without making any noise and we are just welcoming the new generation media in our lives.

Talking from the corporate point of view, they are right in their own way. As India has come a long way in developing its IT skills and services, children prefer to hang on more on the internet rather than watching a cartoon film on TV. To make “More sales more profit” it is necessary for the corporate world and the corporate biggies to promote their products on these sites systematically. This is the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to reach out to people.

Joining the social media is the call of the hour and these two sites have become the emblem of it. Company’s publicity, advertisements and marketing campaigns are simultaneously being more and more dependent on these social media sites for more profit making.